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Journeys to awaken the senses and restore your body.



Exfoliation – Vichy Shower – Massage

Starting with our signature palo santo scrub to awaken your sense of self and help you shed unwanted layers, the treatment transitions into an aqua massage that uses 7 jets to gently soften tense muscles and prepare your body for a 45 minute sacred scents massage. These elements combine to provide you with a state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
90 minutes – $165


Mud treatment – Head Massage and Hair Oil Treatment – Massage

This treatment begins with a purifying and softening natural clay body mask of mineral-rich clay from the fertile Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This herbal infused mud mixture will be applied to your body and then you will be wrapped into a warm cocoon. While cocooned, your therapist will provide a stress-relieving head massage and apply oil to your hair. A warm shower washes away the mud and prepares you for a 45 minute stress reliever massage.
90 minutes – $195


Exfoliation – Vichy Shower – Toning Treatment – Massage

This is a restorative and replenishing treatment that nourishes, moisturizes, and detoxifies your body and skin. Seaweed’s natural age-defense helps smooth cellulite deposits, diminish the appearance of stretch marks, and even-out skin tones. The therapy begins with a soothing aqua massage and gentle seaweed body scrub. A firming gel increases circulation, reduces excess fluid accumulation and stimulates skin renewal. As it is applied to your body, you are gently cocooned to increase mineral absorption and calm your nervous system. A 45-minute vitality massage concludes this energy-restoring treatment.
90 minutes – $165


Scrub – Vichy Shower

This treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation with our signature palo santo scrub. It is followed by a vichy shower that uses seven shower jets to pulsate mist and apply pressure, relaxing your body from head to toe. It also prepares you for any massage treatment.
45 minutes – $75